September 16, 2009

Is Climate Change real?

Sure looks like it. Here's a report that was signed off on by old-fashioned management consulting firm McKinsey:

"The study looked at eight areas, both rich and poor, around the world seen as high risk from more droughts, hurricanes, floods and rising sea levels that climate change may cause.

In the worst-case scenario, global warming could trigger severe flooding in Guyana, costing the South American country over 19 percent of its annual GDP by 2030, the report said.

The hurricane-prone U.S. state of Florida could see weather-related costs knock 10 percent off its GDP each year.

The group that produced the report is made up of the United Nations, insurer Swiss Re, management consultancy McKinsey, the European Commission, the Rockefeller Foundation, Standard Chartered Bank and environmental network ClimateWorks."


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