December 31, 2009

Are posts on hold?

Yes, for the moment.

This blog is being considered for inclusion in a major magazine, and while I'm waiting to hear from them I'm filing new ideas to ensure that I have material if and when that starts.

Hang in there...

December 4, 2009

Is climate change real? Part 2

Insurance companies seem to think so.

"The insurance industry, including reinsurers, who distribute risk around the sector, has traditionally been the main way to hedge against hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

But climate change could increase the scale and frequency of these disasters so drastically in coming years that traditional insurance might become unable to handle the burden.

Much of the risk would have to be shifted into the capital markets, where financial instruments such as catastrophe bonds and hurricane futures may boom, and increasingly exotic instruments are being developed to spread the burden further.

"In a more volatile risk landscape, as might be produced by climate change, the need for risk transfer instruments quickly increases," said John Seo, managing principal at Fermat Capital Management."