November 23, 2008

New developments

This blog provides a reference - a FAQ. As I learn things, I add them to the individual articles, whose posting dates don't change as they are updated. People need a way to know what's new, so, they'll be here in this post. It will be at the top unless I add an entirely new post.
Is solar being slowed down by the current credit crunch?

Only slightly. For instance, one of the largest suppliers has cut it's 2009 forecasted growh from 75% to 58%. (posted 12/22/08)


EV technology, while more than adequate, will continue to improve. Regenerative braking eliminates one source of waste (or finds a new energy source, depending on your perspective) by capturing vehicle kinetic energy: another source is the vertical kinetic energy now lost to shock absorption, which appears to have been solved. (posted 11/23/08)