September 11, 2009

How expensive is the wind power needed to eliminate Chinese coal??

Previously, I asked How expensive is the wind power needed to eliminate coal in the US??

Well, China's emissions are just as high.

What would it cost in China?

It turns out: not much, in the grand scheme of things. Only about 7.5 cents per KWH

“Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Barren, windy stretches of the Tibetan plateau and grasslands in northeastern China hold untapped value in a country searching for more energy and cleaner air.

China, the biggest polluter from burning fossil fuels, has enough wind-energy potential to generate seven times its current power consumption, said Michael McElroy, a researcher at Harvard University. To develop that capacity and meet rising demand would cost about $900 billion, he wrote in a study published yesterday in Science.”

This is only $90B per year for 10 years, which really isn't much, expecially given that other power sources wouldn't be much cheaper.

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