February 22, 2012

Resistance to Change: #8 in a Annoying Series

New book out today:

"The Fox Effect"

"The Fox Effect follows the career of Ailes... consultant for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush... president of Rupert Murdoch’s flagship conservative cable news network... political operative... extraordinary power and influence to spread a partisan political agenda that is at odds with long-established, widely held standards of fairness and objectivity in news reporting."

In the conversations leading to the creation of Fox News, the project was referred to as "GOP T.V.", "Grand Old Party Television".

When talking about any kind of public policy issue with a heavy consumer of Fox product, it is very difficult to agree on matters of simple fact.




Anonymous said...

What's your point?

Nick G said...

My point is that there is a very large propaganda machine filling viewers with misinformation, fear and anger.

That machine targets electric vehicles, renewable power, etc.

It teaches it's viewers that climate change is a myth.

These are problems...