October 25, 2010

More Resistance to Change....

"The oil, coal and utility industries have collectively spent $500 million just since the beginning of 2009 to lobby against legislation to address climate change and to defeat candidates, like Mr. Hill, who support it, according to a new analysis from the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a left-leaning advocacy group in Washington.

Their message appears to have fallen on receptive ears. Of the 20 Republican Senate candidates in contested races, 19 question the science of global warming and oppose any comprehensive legislation to deal with it, according to a National Journal survey. "


"BP and several other big European companies are funding the midterm election campaigns of Tea Party favourites who deny the existence of global warming or oppose Barack Obama's energy agenda, the Guardian has learned.

An analysis of campaign finance by Climate Action Network Europe (Cane) found nearly 80% of campaign donations from a number of major European firms were directed towards senators who blocked action on climate change. These included incumbents who have been embraced by the Tea Party such as Jim DeMint, a Republican from South Carolina, and the notorious climate change denier James Inhofe, a Republican from Oklahoma.

The report, released tomorrow, used information on the Open Secrets.org database to track what it called a co-ordinated attempt by some of Europe's biggest polluters to influence the US midterms. It said: "The European companies are funding almost exclusively Senate candidates who have been outspoken in their opposition to comprehensive climate policy in the US and candidates who actively deny the scientific consensus that climate change is happening and is caused by people."



Cowen said...


Your blog is amazing. It is a true pleasure reading considered examinations about how change will occur. Growing demands on finite resources is a reality, and one I am particularly interested in, both in how renewables will factor in but in the issues of supply that might affect them (cadmium for instance) and I was wondering if you planned to write anything about the rare metal issues?

Also I'd love to host some form of interview with you, if you were willing, whether spoken or email for a new project I am starting.


Nick G said...


I'd be happy to be interviewed - via email would probably work best.

I don't have anything planned for rare metals like cadmium at the moment, but I'll think about it!